About Us

MBSK Colorado is a nonprofit organization dedicated to disrupting and dismantling the cumulative adverse childhood and young adulthood experiences that affect Colorado's Black and Brown communities intergenerationally.

Around the nation, a dynamic model for regional coordination of neighborhood engagement has appeared to advance positive outcomes for youth of Color. The "Backbone" model braids together vibrant, responsive, relational efforts of hyper-local leaders with the infrastructure of larger organizations.

At MBSK Colorado, we are working to improve the youth of color outcomes through regional and neighborhood place-based partnership efforts and community-based groups. MBSK Colorado serves as a state leader and backbone for our youth of Color and the various agencies, community organizations, educational systems, and business leaders across the state.

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of seven members serving two-year terms. Unless otherwise provided by law, the board is charged with the organization's general supervision and the exclusive control and direction of all funds and appropriations to the organization.

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MBSK Colorado Leadership Team 

MBSK Colorado's leadership consists of the President and his cabinet members that serve the entire organization. These people and their staff provide critical support services to MBSK Colorado programs, partners, and the Board of Trustees.

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Colorado Community 

The MBSK Colorado Community will serve as a state leader and collaborator for our youth of color and the various agencies, community organizations, educational systems, and business leaders across the state. 

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At MBSK Colorado, we have five strategic areas that fit Colorado's unique needs. Doing this addresses the Colorado Paradox and Losing Ground report. It aligns us back to Obama's challenge goals with major initiatives /agenda items in Colorado's Black and Brown community, the recommendations given by the Gaining Ground Report.

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