Infrastructure and Capacity Building

Creating the support and structures needed for our Black and Brown organizations to succeed.

The Infrastructure and Capacity Building will primarily focus on support and structures needed for our Black and Brown organizations to succeed and be attractive to funders. 


  1. Better manage and track youth data and engagement to predict and measure outcomes. As well as becoming the state’s go-to for Black and Brown facts and data.  

  2. Utilize best practices in developing and tracking measurable outcomes/data for Youth of Color at all activities and events. 

  3. The information-sharing process between providers and agencies is reduced by providing streamlined processes and electronic information-sharing capabilities. 

  4. Assistant community providers by providing secure and easy-to-use technology resources to provide services to youth effectively. 

  5. Allow community providers to better gather data around engagement and involvement to build evidence-based practices and pursue grants and other funding opportunities. 

  6. Develop in partnership with other organizations to create a pipeline of training and resources that help better align MBSK Colorado and its partners to remain completive and knowledge leaders in the Rockies. 

MBSK Colorado has also partnered with Microsoft to build, implement and maintain a unified case management and telementoring/teletherapy (Microsoft Teams) solution with select community providers participating in Colorado’s Minority Over-Representation Committees at no cost as a part of the organization.


  • Cloud-Based Hosted by Microsoft (99.9% Uptime)
  • HIPPA and FERPA Complainant
  • Web and Mobile Based Apps (Anytime and Anywhere Access)
  • 100% Secure and Encrypted Technology
  • Increase Data Analytics and Reporting
  • AI and Machine Learning Technology back to provide better prediction and understanding of outcomes 

Current Participating Providers:

Initiative Partners

  • MBSK Colorado
  • Microsoft (Social Impact Team)
  • Colorado Office of Adult and Juvenile Justice Assistance (OAJJA)