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The MBSK Colorado Community will serve as a state leader and collaborator for our youth of color and the various agencies, community organizations, educational systems, business leaders across the state. Our goal is to help bridge the gap in Colorado's sea of resources to build a more complete and aligned approach when dealing with the vicious cycle of disadvantage that is now an integrational curse among our communities of color. If we work together building infrastructure and capacity "that actively confronts racialized trauma across our systems and policies, then we will heal, trust and transform our systems" MBSKSF, 2019), and our approach in creating a better life course, experiences, and outcomes for the communities of color as a whole. 

Resource Groups

This group is the center and leader of the alliance, having a “joint understanding of the impact of our systems of racialized trauma and advances a shared vision and approach for change” (MBSKSF, 2019). The Alliance leadership cabinet consists of thirty-three champions, equally distributed across our community organization, city, county, state, and youth leaders.  A diverse cross-section of influencers builds community, lifts best practices, and holds each other accountable. For continuity, Champions are asked to serve a minimum of 18 months on the Board, committing their organizational and individual expertise to the Colorado Alliance. The Alliance Leadership Cabinet is advanced, supported, and held accountable by a backbone of facilitators, fellows, and advisors. Taking resources directly from the National My Brothers Keepers and from the more detailed San Francisco plan to address the needs in line with Colorado, there needs to be a plan that addresses:

  1. Making local, county, and state government services more equitable for residents.
  2. Advising stakeholders on how to use an equity lens in delivering services and how to ensure community involvement in the full range of government decisions.
  3. Pushing educators, community leaders, and students to “make it happen,” showcasing people, ideas, and communities at the vanguard of the movement for equity in Colorado and across the country.
  4. Inspiring, courageous conversation, and forward-thinking on pressing issues of equity in education, health, technology, criminal justice, transportation, housing, and other vital topics.
  5. Building bonds to collaboratively place accountability and capacity at the center of the Alliance's work, elevating high-risk places and populations.
  6. Creating race/gender-specific targeted programming partners.                                  

(MBSKSF, 2019)

The Alliance Cabinet will further break down into monthly sub-advisory groups to promote and drive its four initiatives and goals in collaboration with MBSK Colorado non-profit initiative VPs, departments, and programs. The advisory groups will also serve as a resource to nonprofits VPs, a sounding board, and a platform for future initiatives and ideas for their strategic area.