Economic Empowerment

Achieving Fairness in Economic Opportunities by Restoring Jobs, Housing and Economic Opportunities.

The Economic Empowerment initiative will primarily focus on goals, Including:

  1. Promote and support black and brown-owned businesses and link them with existing resources.
  2. Educate people and communities on the benefits of ownership
  3. Develop and support plans for Opportunity Zones and bring together projects and investors, helping put the black and brown dollar back into the community.
  4. Work with Economic Developers, Chambers, and health organizations to promote programs across the state.
  5. Develop legislation and initiatives to address racial, economic inequality.
  6. Increase community engagement with state and local governments relative to job development, business and contracting opportunities, and economic development planning.
  7. Expand programs that provide financial literacy for community members of all ages. Consider financial literacy courses as a key core competency and requirement for high school graduation.
  8. Develop partnerships with government, private and nonprofit sectors for high school students and enroll them in higher education immediately connected with employers, whether through jobs, internships, apprenticeships, or service-learning programs. Helping create a pipeline tour youth earlier to build more of a diverse workforce for Colorado.