Vision, Mission, and Shared Core Values

Our Mission

MBSK Colorado is a non-profit organization dedicated to disrupting and dismantling the cumulative adverse childhood and young adulthood experiences that affect Colorado's Black and Brown communities intergenerationally.

Our Vision

MBSK Colorado will be a National Leader in creating opportunities and access for Black and Brown youth to become innovative and effective change-makers.

Our Shared Values 

MBSK Colorado has recently adopted the MBK Equity Framework and its core values as a common understanding/platform for alliance stakeholders to carry out our work with our youth of color.

Young Voices Have Power:

By including the voices, ideas, wants, desires and needs of boys and young men of color they become contributors to their own success.

Together, We Win:

Every person and every community has a role to play in ensuring young people have equal access to opportunity. We must bring local governments, school systems, community-based organizations, philanthropies, businesses, and individuals together to help boys and young men of color thrive.

Proven Solutions that Work:

We tap into data and solutions with proven results as learning points for program and policy execution.  We acknowledge and recognize that underserved communities may have proven results that have not been validated by a third party and value the recorded learning and reflection of solutions that work.


We strive to eliminate institutional and structural inequity and racism to ensure success for communities where it has not been an option.

Policy Focus:

Developing new structures to combat policies that maintain the status quo and underscore the environment where racism thrives unabated.

Disrupt Historic Barriers:

Changing core institutions that create and uphold systems of oppression and opportunity.

Generational Impact:

Our strategies must be sustainable to affect the success of generations of boys and young men of color and shift cycles of oppression.

Results Matter:

The work must produce sustainable results through the use of data, on-the-ground productivity and continuous communication.